Lassie, meet Dubya
Well -- another day, another dollar. Another action-packed day behind me. UPS finally came to pick up a mistakenly-delivered package. I only had to call them 3 times. Took the pup on a couple more walks. Not only is he no longer scared of fire hydrants, but he actually seems to like it when cars drive by now. As long as he doesn't start chasing them.

Ok, now I feel I have to respond:

I do like Star Trek (NG and Original only, not all the other cheesy spinoffs). I do play Dungeons & Dragons (kinda). And, I finally got Tara to use the 5 foot pole. Anyway, every puppy should have an email address...dogs are people too. I can't think of how to respond to the rest, so I'll just say this: bus, pez.

Anyway, onwards and upwards -- Tara is out at her advanced weight lifting class right now, so its just me and dogbert, home alone. I found a neat website today. I got one with George Dubya and Lassie next to each other. Amusing.

Well, Im off to do some laundry and space out in front of the tube.