Act now, operators are standing by!
John is supposed to be up here tomorrow. He's inspecting some car out in Rancho Cordova, so he's gonna crash here and then head down to Modesto on Wed. for another job. We're still waiting for the Christmas/Birthday gift that he first mentioned around November. Somehow, I doubt it will show up before next November. He's clever that way...he only has to buy gifts every other year. Well we won't hold it against him.

Nada mucho else going on. I'm still waiting for the damn Snapfish prints to come back. At this point I don't think I would recommend the service to anyone. We mailed the film on Feb 3rd, and the prints still arent back. Grrr...

I got a clever piece of SPAM today. "You have been randomly selected to receive a digital camera, 100% free, no charge, no strings attached." Ok, sounds pretty good so far. "Your only cost is $19.95 to cover shipping and our expenses." Oh...ok. So the "100% free" part didnt include shipping. I see. Needless to say, that one went to the trash. I hate SPAM.

The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure one of them is a match.

-- Will Rogers