Busy shopping day today: Walmart, Target, and Fry's to pick up Dog Treats, a Matchbox Double Decker Bus, Dog Food, and The Thomas Crown Affair DVD.

The Matchbox was really an accident. Walmart had a huge bin full of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. 4 for $3. We were strolling past on our way to the dog food aisle, and there were a bunch of people digging through this huge bin. I guess there are people out there who really like Hot Wheels! (Don't people collect the weirdest things?) Anyway, being the nosy person I am, I looked in their cart and noticed that they had a Double Decker bus!! "Mon Dieu! I must have one also!", I thought. So Tara and I began digging through the assorted vehicles. There must have been a thousand Hot Wheels/Matchbox in there easily. We dug through for about 10 minutes and found one other bus. Woohoo! When we got home we found out that it is the exact same one that the UCD bookstore sells, only with different stickers on the outside. Anyway, its another addition to the collection... yeah, I know we're weird.

It's a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.

-- Andrew Jackson