Darwin, meet the neighbors
So Tara and I had to go to this pre-marriage meeting at her church today. Apparently we have to go to 4 of these meetings which are basically just a chance for the Priest to ramble on and talk about whatever he wants to talk about. It was about marriage today, but I think that might just have been a happy coincedence, since he does them every week and there are people that go every week, so I'm sure they would get bored of hearing about marriage all the time. So, anyway it was just the usual Catholic dogma about the evils of living together before marriage, etc. Nothing I havent heard (and ignored) before. At least the priest seemed to think he was pretty funny, so maybe we can talk him into cracking a few jokes during the wedding.

Speaking of religion, I keep seeing a nice Saab 93 driving around the neighborhood with one of those "Truth fish eating the Darwin fish" stickers on the back of the car. That just cracks me up... Nothing like basing your whole life (not to mention all that time spent in church) on something that has absolutely no supporting scientific evidence, and then claiming that its the truth!

Theres just a tad bit more evidence to back up Darwin's theories than there is to backup those of any major religion that I know of. To each their own I suppose, its just amusing...

Oh, by the way, I ran a two minute mile this morning. i can't prove it, but its the truth.

The truth is what is; what should be is a dirty lie.

-- Lenny Bruce