i asked for a car, I got a computer (go figure)
Wow, almost went a day without updating!

Pupster had a big day today. We took him to visit Tara's dog Corky. They got along pretty well considering Corky is normally pretty protective of her yard. Orion was a little scared for a while, but he got into it I think. Anyway, he didnt pee in the car so thats always a good thing...

Just watched Hollow Man. Not too bad. Awesome CG special effects when he's turning from visible to invisible. We got it on DVD so theres a ton of behind the scenes stuff about how the effects were created, etc. Actually theres so much stuff on there that I havent had time to watch it all yet. Pretty nice... (And Adam still thinks that VHS is better! *roll*)

Did my taxes today. Nice big refund thanks to the mortgage. (woo hoo!) Just like everything else in my life, I'm doing them online again this year. This will be the second year in a row. Highly recommended to everyone. Its totally free, very simple to do, and can handle enough to do my taxes (mortgage deductions, charitable deductions, stock sales, and 4 different jobs) so I think it can probably handle just about anything that a reasonably sane person would have on their taxes. Anyway, refunds are a good thing. Tara says we have to spend the money on our honeymoon. I wanted to buy a digital camera. bleh... (but bleh in a good way, cause Hawaii will be fun!)

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759