i'm a slacker
I've been a slacker about updating this in the last few days, I know. Not that my I'm so busy IRL that I cant do it. I've just been lazy.

Worked around the house a little this weekend. Put up a new towel rack in the bathroom, and put a "pest guard" on the front-door screen to block the giant opening at the bottom. Just an excuse to play with tools really, since both jobs required use of the power drill. Bought some ramps so I could get my car off the ground and change my oil too. More fun...

Drank some green beer for St. Patricks Day, saw Rachel in Davis and got driven around in her Stylish Unitrans VanTM, Adam & Nicole stayed over, and Adam hit it off with Orion. Isn't life exciting?

Anthony's Law of Force:

Don't force it; get a larger hammer.