bite this
We're getting the house appraised today for the refinance. Crossing our fingers that we'll be able to ditch the PMI. It all depends on how much he thinks the house is worth I guess. Here's hoping for big numbers!

Orion is no longer a conifer, and he seems happy about that. Actually, I dont think he even noticed, all he knows is that he can bite things again. He's been going after his tail mostly.

The duck hunter trained his retriever to walk on water. Eager to show off this amazing accomplishment, he asked a friend to go along on his next hunting trip. Saying nothing, he fired his first shot and, as the duck fell, the dog walked on the surface of the water, retrieved the duck and returned it to his master.

"Notice anything?" the owner asked eagerly.

"Yes," said his friend, "I see that fool dog of yours can't swim."