compressed air
Stuck at work, so time for an update.

I broke down and bought an air compressor today, so now I can go buy some fun toys to go with it. This might mean that work on the 96 might possibly start some time soon. Maybe. Anyway, at least I will feel guilty about not working on it if I have the tools. Plus Tara will probably be bugging me about it, so I'm sure I'll start on it eventuallly. Whee...

HP is asking everyone to take a voluntary 10% pay cut or to take 8 days of vacation before October (paid) to help cut costs. Haha! I wonder how many people will volunteer for the pay cut? Not many. If I had vacation to take, I might do that. Still a little unclear on how taking vacation saves them money, but I try not to think about complex issues like accounting too much.

"It was like I was swimming through a flabby-armed spanking machine!"

-- Cosmo Kramer