BBQ was a big hit this weekend. Some good tri-tip and potatos. Tara's Honey Chicken Wings were off the scale in terms of deliciousness. Everyone loved those, so I guess we know what we're bringing to all the parties from now on.

Watched The Emperor's New Groove ("Boom Baby!"), and Proof of Life on DVD (of course!) this weekend. I didnt think I was going to like POL, but it actually turned out to be pretty good. Better than the previews made it out to be. And plus Russel Crowe was in it, and he's just dreamy.... oh wait. Anyway, we got a coupon for a free The Family Man too because Blockbuster was out of it. Free stuff is cool...

Thats about the extent of our exciting weekend, bbq and movies... didn't see Jurassic Park 3 yet, although I heard it sucks. Saw the preview for American Pie 2 yesterday, that looks awesome.

"I may not be totally perfect, but parts of me are excellent."

-- Ashleigh Brilliant