circuit breakers
Tara and I just watched Anti-Trust on DVD. It was ok, but filled with way too many technical flaws. I'm too much of a computer nerd I guess...can't help it. :)

Having issues with the web-cam. The software likes to stop taking pictures after a while which makes the "previous 8" pictures turn out to all be the same. Great. Anyway, I have downloaded a new cam program which seems to be small and simple. Hopefully this one will work out a little better. Now what would be really cool would be if I could hook up multiple cameras so you guys could stare at Orion in the backyard when I'm at work. Thats not gonna happen though. Go look at JenniCam if mine's not interesting enough for you right now.

Did some work on the car today. Tripped the circuit breaker with the air compressor about 5 times. This might be a problem....

Remember: Silly is a state of Mind, Stupid is a way of Life.

-- Dave Butler