Hung out with Adam and Nicole this weekend. Adam got a job up here in Sac. so they are busy looking for apartments. Everyone is finally starting to realize that Sacramento is the cool place to be, I guess. (my parents included, but thats an entry for a different day)

Watched The Ladies Man on DVD ("Yeah, that sounds good."). I thought it was funny. Stupid humor is my kind of thing I guess.

As predicted I bought a new hard drive at Fry's on Saturday. Its going to go in my Linux box, and droflet.net will be moving to that machine. For those of you wondering what the hell that means, it doesn't mean anything important. Just that I can stop sending money to the chimps that provide disk space for droflet.net right now.

Ok, got to get back to work now...

Mitchell's Law of Committees:

Any simple problem can be made insoluble if enough meetings are held to discuss it.