Well the other day I said that I had some stuff to talk about, but now I can't remember what it was, so I 'll just have to make up all new stuff.

Tara and I went down to Stinson beach yesterday to hang out with Jenny (she likes having her name mentioned!), Jessica, and assorted other Uni alumnites. I think it was only about 70 degrees there, which seems unusual for the beach, but then it never gets above 70 on the North Coast. :-) It never gets below 70 either.

Orion didnt freak out oo bad with the fireworks. I kept him inside most of the night just in case. He broke into the garage on Sunday night because there was a large display at the park down the street. He was OK until the grand finale. He busted through the locked door to the garage, and then it shut behind him. I didnt find him in there until the morning. Luckily he hadnt destroyed anything major.

Still waiting for my air compressor to show up....I want to play with my tools dammit!

River Cats tomorrow.

Lowery's Law:

If it jams -- force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.