Nothing new going on here. You can get the recent updates from Tara I guess.

We are heading over to Tara's mom's place for dinner tonight.

Still looking for a job in London. So far I have submitted a couple of CV's (thats a resume for you american types :-). Haven't heard anything significant back yet. Keep searching and applying I guess. tara and I are ready to go. It will be an adventure. Especially since we have no idea where we are going to live, exactly what I will be doing, what we can afford to do/buy/live in, etc. Anyway, I guess that stuff will get figured out in time. And to all of you who want to come visit us -- Yes! Please do. We'll let you know our new address. Of course, this is all assuming I can find a decent job... The economy is doing about as well as it is here, so who knows. Decent jobs in the IT industry aren't exactly growing on trees right now.