a thousand smiles
Jeopardy is coming to town today so Adam and I are heading down there to try out. Wish us luck.

Tara is pretty excited about her new diary. I kept telling her to start one and she finally did. I keep telling her to work on her web page too, but no dice there so far. If you really want to know whats going on with us, just check her page since she seems to detail it all. This diary will continue to be boring and lacking in content. :-)

We took Orion to the park yesterday and let him off the leash. Thats really the first time we have let him off the leash in a public place. Luckily there were no other people around, not sure how he would have reacted to that. He ran around and chased the ball, etc. I think he liked it. And, despite my fears that he would run off, he came right back when we called him (although he kept leaving the ball behind). He starts college in a couple of weeks.

When I'm Sad, She Comes To Me
With A Thousand Smiles, She Gives To Me Free
It's Alright She Says It's Alright
Take Anything You Want From Me

Fly On little wing...

---LIttle Wing, Jimi Hendrix