Took the day off work today (because I work so hard, you know, so I deserve a break ;-) Spent the morning at the INS which is always a barrel of laughs. Spent an hour waiting in line at the wrong building because of a miniscule note tucked away in a remote corner of their website that tells you not to go to the main office. Gee, I guess I must have missed it. Thanks for nothing. Anyway, I was successfully able to renew my green card in the end, so I won't be deported any time soon (you'll be glad to know).

Other than that, just enjoyed a lazy day with no work. Found some Pez I was looking for, which is always nice.

Going to the Brew Fest tomorrow, so I'll report back on the drunken goings-on later. Should be fun.

Oh yeah, and if you have been trying to get to my website and failing its because Roseville Telephone sucks and decided to shut down port 80 (web) access due to this Nimda worm that is going around. Never mind the fact that my computer is not infected (and cannot be infected). So the website is down for now. They promised that the shutdown would only last "a few days", so hopefully access will be turned back on soon. I know you are all crying yourselves to sleep because of this. Try not to take it so hard, ok?

"Nuclear war would really set back cable."

-- Ted Turner