exit light
Ok, lets see if I can sum up the weekend in a few words. Sudwerk, beer, get home, sleep, wake up, yell at dog for barking, sleep. Wake up, walk dog, watch TV, do nothing, chinese food, get home, walk dog, sleep. Wake up, walk dog, search (unsuccesfully) for new printer cartridge, wash car, watch TV, drive to Davis, drive back, watch TV, walk dog, sleep. There thats it. Oh yeah, throw in a few hours of working on various items on my web page, and some time spent wishing it wasn't almost Monday.

Got Dogma (Special Edition) on DVD on Friday. Definitely the funniest of Kevin Smith's (no, not that Kevin Smith) movies as far as Jay and Silent Bob go. Those two crack me up. Somehow I missed Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, so I can't comment on that one yet. Have to wait for the video (errr....DVD) I guess. ["Hey, Bob, It feels like I'm Han Solo, you're Chewie, and she's Ben Kenobe and we're in that f***ed up bar!"]

something's wrong, shut the light
heavy thoughts tonight
and they aren't of snow white

dreams of war, dreams of liars
dreams of dragon's fire
and of things that will bite

sleep with one eye open
gripping your pillow tight...