What the hell is ADD?
Hi gang... once again I have nothing much interesting to write here. But I'm at work and don't have much of anything to do, so I figured I'd hammer out a few words.

I woke up today thinking it was Friday. What a cruel joke. And then to make matters worse Tara dragged me in to work at 6:30. Blech. Well actually I would have had to be here at 7:00 anyway, but that half hour just makes it seem worse. I used to be at work at 5:30 in a previous life, and that didnt seem so bad...

Well at least Friday is almost here. And then we're heading up the hill to Tahoe to drink, gamble, etc for Sean's birthday celebration. Should be fun.

I'm craving a piece of Woodstock's pizza right now. Mmmm... Is it lunch time yet?


No one should take themselves so seriously
With many years ahead to fall in line
Why would you wish that on me?
I never want to act my age

What's my age again?