Tried to see Monsters, Inc this morning using my free tickets (thanks Mom!), but we failed miserably. Shoed up at the theater for the first show of the day (11:40) to find probably 100 people in line at the box office already!! We didnt particularly want to wait in line to trade in our free coupons to get the real tickets, so we bolted. I guess we will pick up tickets for next weekend sometime this week to avoid the mess. Man, who knew that many people went to the movies on Sundays in Roseville?

Did some more sandblasting today. I finished up my home-made blasting box which made the experience quite a bit easier. Its amazing what you can do with an old TV stand and a few bucks at Home Depot.

Indy and Orion have been running around like lunatics all weekend, wrestling, etc. Right now they're both exhausted. Last time I saw them they were passed out on the side of the house. Orion spent pretty much the whole weekend trying to hump Indy, and she spent the whole time trying to fight off his advances. I think by now they have got to the point where he only has to hump her every ten minutes instead of every two.

I'm away, you're here to stay.
I'm away and you're OK.