So Tara and I went to see Monsters, Inc. on Tuesday after work.. we're such rebels going out on a work night! Anyway, I thought it was a pretty good movie, and technologically it is very good. I think the rendering of humans has improved a lot since Toy Story (just look at Final Fantasy). Good stuff....

I got a new PDA the other day to replace my ailing Palm Pilot. I got the Agenda VR3 because it was on sale at Fry's for less than half the normal price. I think the company is going out of business... Anyway, its a cool little toy and best of all it runs Linux. Don't ask me why that makes it better than any other PDA, its just cool, ok?

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, we really need to start planning.

Down in Mississippi where the sun beats down from the sky...
They give it up, and they give it up, and they give it up
but they never ask why.
Daddy was a rollin', rollin' stone, yeah!
He rolled away one day and he never came home.