whiskey glass
Nothing new to report really. I spent most of the day working on the new layout for my photo album so go there and check it out... more pictures to be added as time allows.

Ok, not sure if I talked about this yet or not, but Moulin Rouge sucks ass. Why is everyone so hyped up about this movie?? The TV keeps blaring a commercial for the DVD saying it is the greatest movie of the year (which year?). Umm yeah, of course it is....if you ignore every other movie that came out last year. Ok, maybe it was just me, but I thought it was pretty lame. Tara and I turned it off less than an hour into it, which is pretty rare. I'll usually suffer through a movie even if it sucks. (i.e. Manos: The Hands of Fate, of course that one is so spectacularly bad that its good).

I read in the paper today that HP has socked away over 600 million dollars to be paid out to top executives when (if) the Compaq merger goes through. Thats real nice considering they suspended everyone else's pay raises indefinitely, and won't even spring for basic office supplies at the moment. Ummm, Carly? Do you see a problem here? Of course not...

You may have noticed that I like to end these little social commentaries (hah!) with a song lyric. More often than not I'll hear a song during the day and think "hey, remember that line, so you can use it". Of course, precisely 5 and a half seconds later the entire song has slipped my mind. Well it happened again today. I had a good one lined up and I've forgotten it already. Next time I'm gonna try writing it down.

But it's all in the past
Like a check that's in the mail
She was a tall whiskey glass
I was an old hound dog that just learned to chase his tail...