ear hair
Actually brought my laptop with me and did some work from home tonight. Will the insanity never end? Don't worry, I think it was an isolated incident and it shouldn't happen again. If it does I'll be sure to rush directly to the emergency room, because there's obviously something wrong with me.

Denise and Srikant are supposed to come over tomorrow so we can go out to lunch and catch up. Havent seen them in months, and now they are engaged so we obviously have lots to talk about.

Dani is also supposed to stop by tomorrow and drop off the Indy. Orion loves having a playmate. He is excited already. Yes, it is hard to tell whether it is just his normal level of excitement or if it is because of his friend coming over. He's an excitable dog really.

Got a cryptic email message from my mom today. I don't really think it means what it appears to mean. More on that some other time (maybe).

George: All right, let me ask you something: When do you start to worry about ear hair?
Jerry: When you hear like a soft russleing.
George: It's like puberty that never stops. Ear puberty, nose puberty, knuckle puberty, you gotta be vigilent.