Let's see, what have I been up to lately? Nothing really worth mentioning, except the taxes and trying to avoid the olympics. I'm just so mad over that figure skating decision that I can't watch anymore. Or not.

Got Donnie Brasco on DVD today. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet (although I've seen it before, of course). Watched some of the special features where they interview the real Joe Pistone (aka Donnie Brasco) which was pretty interesting. I can't even imagine going under-cover into the mob for 6 years. I doubt I would want to be undercover with the mob for 6 minutes!

Still staying busy at work. I've been busy building some servers and expanding our Linux infrastructure. The world domination continues. Scoring points with the leader of the internal Linux development team, which also means scoring points with my boss. Hoping that raise is coming along soon. Haha! Actually just hoping to still have a job. This merger thing is pretty wild with all the fighting and name-calling going back and forth right now. Just glad they finally picked a date for the vote...at least we'll know one way or the other whats going to happen soon (and yes, I'll be sure to get this entry approved by the SEC since it contains information on the merger).

FBI Technician: What's "forget about it"?
Donnie Brasco: "Forget about it" is like if you agree with someone, you know, like "Raquel Welch is one great piece of ass, forget about it." But then, if you disagree, like "A Lincoln is better than a Cadillac? Forget about it!" you know? But then, it's also like if something's the greatest thing in the world, like mingia those peppers, "forget about it." But it's also like saying "Go to hell!" too. Like, you know, like "Hey Paulie, you got a one inch pecker?" and Paulie says "Forget about it!" ... And sometimes it just means forget about it.