Gotta love 3 day weekends. Its so nice to just kick back and relax on a Monday without having to worry about going to work. For all you suckers that didnt get the day off: haha, sucks to be you. Ok, just kidding. Sorry about that. I feel your pain, cause Adam likes to gloat whenever he gets national weevil day off or whatever obscure holidays those state workers get (yeah, I'm jealous).

My little sis started driving double-decks this weekend...I'm so proud. Now she just needs to become an ADT so she can let me take out 2819 for a spin. (no pressure, rachel).

Saw Denise & Srikant on Saturday -- went out to Elephant Bar for lunch, which is always a good place. Good to see those guys since its been forever since we hung out. Just like (seemingly) all our other friends, they have been bitten by the marriage-bug. The insanity never ends.... there must be something in the water.

I spent recklessly on eBay this weekend, although not on pez. I'll leave that update for a future time. As I like to say, "Es deneiro solemente" or something like that (my spelling may be off since I don't know spanish other than a few words (mostly obscene).

My face is my livelihood Jerry. It's given me everything I have today.


Look away... I'm hideous.