Yeah, I can breathe rocks. Haha...I'm still cracking up over that. Good stuff.

I've noticed that some people are very deep/meaningful/insightful in their diaries, while I tend to just talk about what I did during the day, or what stupid thing Orion did or something. Not sure how I feel about that, I mean this thing would probably be more interesting if I was open about my feelings, etc. But to quote a certain famous comedian: "I'm open. There's just nothing in there!". So, for now, you will have to live with my shallow, fairly obvious, observations.

I watched Watching Ellie last night. For those of you that don't know that is Elaine's new show (or Julia L Dreyfus actually, but she'll always be "lanie" to me). I don't know if the show will last or not, it had some funny scenes, but I dont think it will be a hit. I think it should really be on HBO instead, because obviously JLD needs a show in which she can spend more time in just a bra, or even topless. Hell, she should just wear a bra the whole show. (Gatsby Swing Top?) I'd watch it then. So did I like the show? Well there were a couple things I liked about it.... :-)

Oh yeah, and I thought casting "Slippery Pete" from The Frogger ep. of Seinfeld as the super. was pretty funny. ("Thats where the electricity comes out. Oh, you mean the holes?")

Oh, and by the way.... they're real, and they're spectacular.