5...10 minutes.
Ouch, seems like I'm on a once weekly update kick right now. Sorry about that, I'll try to be more verbose in the future. Finally got our taxes done this weekend. They were mostly done already I just had to recopy them -- somehow I don't think the IRS would like my chicken scratch copy. Half the numbers were crossed out, and re-written several times, with arrows pointing to the boxes they were supposed to be in. Anyway, now its all purdy and neat.

Went bowling with the usual gang on Saturday night. Took some pictures, which I will get up on the webpage RSN.

Tara's old friend Bridget is coming over tonight (or maybe tomorrow night) for dinner. I guess Tara hasn't seen her in 10 years or something crazy like that, so I'm sure they will have lots to catch up on. I think we will all go out to dinner somewhere in Roseville.

Spent most of yesterdat fixing Rachel's computer. Turns out it had a virus on it, which was no doubt contributing to its sluggishness. I reformatted it and reinstalled and sent her home with a warning not to hook up to her home network until she gave all her roomates a lecture about the proper use of Anti-Virus software.

RoseLUG meeting tonight (maybe -- depending on our plans with Bridget).

Cartwright? 4?