Well I guess i haven't updated in a few days, so lets see. Hung out with Adam & Nicole last Friday night, then Tara went out and left me alone Saturday night. She has turned into some kind of Tainted Love groupie now I think. I'm not sure. She even posted on their message board, although not using her real name. I told her she should have posted as "Regeena Philangy". I'm gonna start posting as Gordon Shumway. That seems like a good and funny alias. (everyone should have a standard alias or two, as the seinfeld gang proves so often).

Three-day work week for me this week. I'm heading down to LA on Thursday. My mom even took Thursday night off from her class that she teaches just because I am coming into town. Isn't that sweet? Pez Con. on Fri/Sat. Poor Miss. Philangy will be all alone with Orion. She is going to try to teach him to sleep inside, which may prove to be interesting...

Slow day at work so far today.

Moles: the freckle's ugly cousin.