Got a big package from eBay the other day (well, ok it wasn't actually from eBay but from an eBay auction that I won) containing my spiffy new Porter-Cable router. You can never have too many powertools, right? Right! Now I'll be able to finish up Tara's nightstand, along with all the other myriad projects that I want to build.

Survivor tonight, although frankly I'm a little bored with the whole thing by now. I only watched 30 minutes of the show last week. I decided Seinfeld was more interesting. I'm thinking the same thing might be true tonight...its the penultimate (best-of) episode which has a bunch of funny outtakes. Hey, even if I have seen them all dozens of times, they're still funny.

Counting down to the Pez convention....I'll be heading down to LA a week from now.

You know, I never realized it, but I'm a needy person!