non-verbal communication
Holy cow, its been a while since I updated this thing. i kept meaning to do it and then I kept getting distracted. I tried to update over the weekend but diaryland wand't cooperating. So, really its not my fault -- I tried.

Anyway, back to reality. Went to L.A. this weekend for the West Coast Pez convention. (yes, it is really necessary to specify "west coast" because there are several conventions throught the year all over the country, believe it or not). Scored a bunch of new stuff and met a bunch of people that I known forever through the pez mailing list but have never met face-to-face. It's kinda weird to finally meet someone that you have only known online because they never turn out to be quite the way you expect. I'm sure the reverse is true too. I'm probably nothing like I seem in print. Its like listening to a certain person on the radio for a long time and then finally seeing what they look like. Weird. I guess thats why people hook up in chat-rooms on the internet, because they're picturing the person at the other end to be some hunk or hunkette.

Tara went out partying last night at the No Doubt concert. I'm sure she can fill you in on all the details if she ever decides to update. :-)

K: Jerry, 94% of communication is non-verbal. Here watch. [Kramer does mimics but you can make out somebody angry saying "What are you talking about, twice and then some crying ]

J: Well what does this mean?

K: Well it's Frank and Estelle's reaction of hearing about George's man-love towards the she-Jerry.