So it looks like I'm not going to Ohio in August. Maybe Arizona in September instead. Definitely L.A. in March, though. I'm such the world traveler aren't I? Ok, maybe not. I heard through the grapevine that my parents may be going to the UK in September. Very strange...they have not mentioned anything to me. Maybe they figured I would be jealous. John is flying off to Detroit this morning to present a paper on "EDR Pre-Crash Data Sources for

General Motors Vehicles" at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress. Sounds fancy, huh? Meanwhile I'm flying off to the back yard to take Orion on a walk. Not sure which of those is more adventurous...

K: Happy Birthday paruba!
J: Today's not my birthday.
K: Well, I beg to differ.
J: I think I know when my own birthday is.
K: Well you would think so, but evidently you'd be wrong.
J: [giving up] Maybe today is my birthday...