the place to be
Saw the parents and their new car this weekend. Thats a nice looking automobile I must say. Of course, I'm jealous now.

Went to Picnic Day on saturday. Ran into a few people from the days of old and generally had a good time. Battle of the Bands is always the place to meet people since half of Unitrans (during my time) was made up of Band Dorks.

Tara scored a goal at her a.m. soccer game on Sunday! She's such the soccer star...of course she has a nice big lump on her shin to show for it where she got kicked. At least she wasn't involved in the brawl at the game the night before. Apparently two guys from the opposite team tried to beat up one of the girls on her team. That girl has two brothers, and a sister that are also on the team, so you can imagine how quickly it erupted from there. I tell you soccer can be a dangerous sport!

FC: We call it the, uh... "The Place to Be"