very helpful to people
Happy April Fools Day everyone! hope you didn't get pranked too badly.

Spent Friday night with Tom and Andy, drinking beer and eating chili-cheese fries while the ladies had some kind of slumber party/tickle-fight/whatever. We ended up at the Fox and Goose pub downtown, which is a pretty cool place. I had only ever been there one time before (for breakfast). Its not quite like a real english pub...nobody is allowed to smoke, which just throws off the whole atmosphere (although it does make it much easier to breathe).

Saturday Tara went to Davis, so I hung out around the house, played with some powertools, and did other assorted hosehold duties.

Working today, even though it is a state holiday. I think everyone should get all state and federal holidays off work/school. If the government doesnt have to work, why should I be expected to? They call it a "state" holiday, so therefore everyone in the state should get the day off, right?!? Right.

Kramer: The Samaritans were an ancient tribe - very helpful to people.