3 hour tour
Saw Spider-Man this weekend w/ Andy. Took us about an hour of driving from one theater to another before we finally got into a show that wasnt sold out, and even then the place was packed. Anyway, it was a pretty good movie although Peter Parker is pretty dumb for just walking away like that at the end. I think that spider bite must have affected his brain too.

Worked in the front yard repairing a leaky underground sprinkler pipe on Saturday, and paid the price for it with my allergies all afternoon and evening. I guess they didn't take kindly to me being on my hands and knees among all the plants and pollen for a few hours.

Came in to work for a few hours on Saturday too, which is kinda unheard of for me. I'm just too nice, I didnt want to reboot a server while everyone was using it. Good thing since it ended up taking about 3 hours....