Once again I'm way behind on updating here.

I put my cell phone in the washing machine last week. Of course, that happened with before I was supposed to go to Vegas. There was no way I was going out there without my phone (its hard enough to coordinate and meet up with people when you _do_ have a phone), so I dug out my old clunker phone and switched the number over. One nice thing about sprint is that they can have your number switched over to a new phone within a few minutes. By Sunday when i got home my regular phone appeared to have dried out enough to actually work. The battery that was attached at the time of its little swim does not appear to work anymore though, won't charge up or function at all. So I called Sprint again to switch the number back, and.... my regular phone does not work, although the screen powers on and it appears normal, whenever i try to make a call it just disconnects me. So it looks like I'll be in the market for a new phone....

Vegas was fun...the usual boozing and gambling... Didn't win anything.

AT&T Cable are morons. See Tara's diary for the details. Then add on to that an additional day of screwing around because they are idiots. The words "customer service" are obviously foreign to them. I really think I'll be signing up for Satellite in the next few days...

Walking with Tara this Saturday for our fund-raiser. Thanks to all of our generous friends who helped out, it means a lot to us. Hopefully I'll survive the grueling 6 mile course.

Who!? Who, won't wear the ribbon!?!?