Went to see Star Wars, Ep. 2 yesterday with Tara. It was pretty good, if a little on the long side. Yoda's battle scene kicked some serious ass though. That little fellow can move when he wants to.

Came home and watched South Park which I haven't seen in a long time, and which still amuses me. Caught the last few minutes of Crank Yankers too, which is a new show on Comedy Central. It was created by Adam Carolla nd Jimmy Kimmel of The Man Show, so that should give you some idea of its maturity level. Anyway, a bunch of comedians make crank calls to unsuspecting people, and those calls are then acted out by a bunch of mupper looking things. Its actually pretty funny. I would check it out again.

Indy was over for the weekend. Orion is just about work out. It takes quite a bit to tire him out (unfortunately). Dani should be on her way over to pick Indy up this evening. She was a well behaved puppy as always.

Jen called to say they got a new dog (a beagle) named Lucy. As soon as Tara sees it I know she will say, "oohhhhh....we need one..." and bat her eyelids in an attempt to get me to fall for her charms. I resolve to stand strong and not give in. I haven't seen Jen's dog yet, but I just know the above conversation will happen. I know Tara too well....

Our washing machine is leaking. Sears is coming over to fix it tomorrow... more money down the drain (no pun intended).