Ok, so I trashed another cell-phone. I guess this is turning into a habit. Well, actually I hope it is not turning into a habit. I already have another one on order...snagged it on eBay relatively cheaply. Same model as the just-broken one (which fell into the ocean by the way).

Spent the afternoon and evening tooling around town doing errands... went to K-Mart and played with the Kodak picture maker for a while (the one in Walmart was broken, otherwise I would not have gone to K-Mart..ugh). It actually prints pretty nice quality pictures. Too bad its kind of a rip-off (although it's a slightly better deal when the clerk undercharges you).

Added a few new pictures to the photo album this evening. None of them are new pictures (mostly a few months old) though. Added a new dispenser to the collection today too.

The temperature here is a little on the warm side at the moment. Likely to hit 110 tomorrow.

"The warning message we sent the Russians was a calculated ambiguity that would be clearly understood."
-- Alexander Haig