Including this link in my diary is a violation of federal law. I violated the law by typing the 35 characters necessary to include that link, into my web browser. Now, whether or not I agree with the contents of the web-site I linked to is really irrelevant, (because I have no idea what their beliefs or morals are) I just wanted to point out the insanity of some of the laws in this country. A group of students at UCSD is currently being threatened with disciplinary and/or legal action for including the same link on a website.

The reason this link is against the law is due to the Patriot Act, signed into law by our friend George Bush recently. This act basically gives the government and law-enforcement agencies sweeping powers to invade your privacy and eliminates many of the checks-and-balances that were put in place years ago to prevent the FBI, CIA, etc from abusing their power. Go read about it at the EFF site. One of my favorite parts is that the government can now legally monitor your web-surfing (track what sites you visit, etc.) just by telling a judge anywhere in the US that the information may be relevant to an ongoing investigation. Best of all, the judge has no power to refuse this request... gotta love that part.

Ok, well obviously I need to eat lunch soon, 'cause I'm getting a little cranky here. Hopefully, whether you are a democrat, republican, independant or whatever you dont like that fact that the Feds can wiretap your phone and spy on you without accountability and with no warrant or evidence. If you are a US citizen, write to your elected officials and let them know what you think. It's times like this that I start looking at that citizenship application...