Hung out with the Shaws, Porterfields and Maclams on Friday night and then again on Saturday night. Cruising to Davis tonight to BBQ at the Morrill's.. busy weekend and there is still one whole day left!

Laura flew back to Boston this morning, so its just the three of us again. It was fun having Laura here for the last couple weeks. Sounds like she has a busy schedule ahead of her with class starting up again on Tuesday.

Finally bought a picture to go above our fireplace yesterday. It's a Dali. Passed on getting a frame for now since Aaron Brothers wanted about $200 to frame the damn thing, so the wall will continue to be bare for a little while longer. Thanks to the power of the internet I tracked down a nice looking frame for less than half the price. Of course thats still close to a hundred bucks, so I havent ordered it yet... soon.