Went up to Tahoe last night to celebrate Sean's birthday. We went to Caesars for a while where I promptly lost $40 pretty quickly. Tara lost about $10 on the nickel slots, so that was it for us as far as gambling was concerned. We were then hanging out at the bar inside Caesars for a while (a group of about 10 of us) when a couple of security guards came over and asked for ID from everyone (for no apparent reason). Everything checked out, except for mine. For some reason the genius security-clown had to stare at mine for an inordinate amount of time. He then mumbled something about having to check it and walked away (with my license in hand). At least 5 minutes went by before he returned. When he finally did get back he handed back my license, apparently satisfied. Unfortunately, I was not. I told him it wasn't cool to dissapear with my ID like that without saying hardly a word to me. At that point his feathers were obviously ruffled ("Respect my authoritay!") and after some exchanging of words, I was being escorted out of the casino. Apparently I'll be subject to arrest if I return within 24 hours. All this because Mr rent-a-cop had apprently never seen a Califorina commercial license before. And by the way, let me just point out that at no time did I raise my voice (I hadn't even been drinking yet) -- all I did was tell him that I didn't think it was cool to dissapear with my ID for no reason. Of course Sean and his friends thought the whole thing was hilarious since they're usually the ones getting kicked out of places and (in comparison) I'm usually pretty straight-laced. :-)