bike shed
Yikes, haven't update here in a while.

Drove to Elk Grove and back this morning, and then to Davis and back later in the morning. Mom and Pop are here for the day right now, heading out to Santa Rosa tomorrow.

Our home computer died last week, and I really don't feel like spending the money to buy a replacement right now, so we're currently using a pieced together 100Mhz Pentium. Needless to say its pretty slow, but it gets the job done for now. Meanwhile, I brought my laptop home from work this weekend to find that several keys don't function. Specifically the 'enter', 'backspace', 'p', 'o', '[' and several others. As you might imagine, it is somewhat difficult to do anything useful without an enter key. The sad thing is that I've already had the keyboard on that laptop replaced once because the enter key stopped working. I use an external keyboard with it while aI'm at work, so its not like the built-in keyboard gets excessive use. Yet another example of a quality HP product. *sigh*

You... yes, you behind the bike shed. Stand still laddie!