Found out that the car needs a new steering rack. Strange that they can usually last for 150k or more miles, but mine decides to blow up with only 60k on the clock. Ugh. Oh well... its only money.

Big scandal in the news about Sac State football players greasing themselves up with cooking spray during a game against Montana. Too bad it didnt help them win. In other football news, Davis students passed the resolution to go to Division 1. There are several more things that need to happen first, but the student vote is an important first step. Not that I care about football, but I kinda liked being in D-II because that made it all the more satisfying to pummel Sac State every year. Now if Davis beats them it won't be such a big deal... Moving in to DI-AA also means UCD will get to play CSULB in some sports (they don't have a football team). I feel a new rivalry coming on. You're going down 49ers! :-)

Buy a yacht with a flag sayin "Chillin' the most"
Then rock that b*tch up and down the coast