special features
I've had a headache every evening for the last 3 days.. not sure if I should be concerned about that or not.

Did the pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving at the Shaws yesterday. Put up a few pictures in the photo album. They're mostly of Lucy though, not sure why. I guess it was because Tara was controlling the camera most of the evening.

Watched a bunch of TV today (yes, very productive) which probably contributed to my headache -- saw Windtalkers on DVD. Not a bad movie, but there were no special features. Why do I rent DVD's if there aren't going to be any special features?

I really think there should be 'special features' with every product you buy. Cereal does it already, you get a little chintzy toy if you're lucky, but I want some added extras when I buy other stuff like laundry detergent, socks, or a lawnmower. I guess a 'making of' documentary on socks or lawnmowers probably wouldn't be very interesting though...

I'm a jack of all trades,
a master of three:
Rockin' the tables,
Rockin' the mics,
and rockin' the young ladies.