I was planning to update here with up-to-the-minute action/adventure from the weekend, but I never got around to doing it. So, here's a brief summary: drove south, ate turkey, hung around Long Beach, talked PEZ with one of my pez-buddies, watched an awful movie, drove north, ate pizza at the Morrills. The End. I know it sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Orion was just about bursting with excitement to see us when we got home on Saturday night. I think Tara got a few bruises from his tail it was wagging so vigorously. He was like a little kid in a candy store when he saw us; running around, jumping, howling, etc. Actually we was more like a dog in a dog-food store, but that is not really a commonly used analogy. Just imagine a hairy, smelly kid, that walks on all fours, in a candy store and you'll get the idea.

Only a few weeks until the christmas holiday now. Better start getting my holiday shopping done, I guess.

and every breath that is in your lungs,
is a tiny little gift to me...
is a tiny little gift to me.