So I hurt my back somehow on Tuesday morning before work. Not really sure what I did. When I woke up it was fine, but then slowly as I ate breakfast, got ready for work etc, it started to hurt. By the time I got to work it was pretty bad and I was in pretty bad pain most of the day. Fun times. I decided to work from home on Wednesday so that I could take it easy and try to rest the back. I spent most of the day sitting with my back flat against the wall, which helped a lot. Back to work (no pun intended) on Thursday, with only minimal pain, and today I'm almost 100%. Back problems suck though. Laura says I could have strained it and not even known about it at the time, which seems about right because I don't remember doing anything weird which would have caused it.

Dani came over to drop Indy off for a couple days last night. She is such a well behaved dog compared to Orion. We make her sleep in the laundry room so that the two of them don't wrestle all night, and she didn't whine or make a noise all night. Orion would have been crying and barking all night.

Andy got back from 'bama last night. Sounds like he's pretty sick though, so he is taking the day off from work. Hopefully the dogs are rolling around making noise right outside his window while he's trying to sleep.

I feel stupid,
and contagious
here we are now
entertain us.