I don't have a headache anymore, so I guess I should update. It is currently about 7:30 on Christmas morning, and I got up to take care of the dogs (Argos is visiting for a few days) and now I can't go back to sleep. Oh well. That will just give me plenty of time to shake and rattle my gifts before Tara gets up.
Rented Life or Something Like It the other day, which was a pretty lame movie. I got bored about halfway through. It's getting hard to find decent movies at Blockbuster anymore. Since we get a free rental every week we have pretty much exhausted the supply of new releases that we want to watch.
Saw The Lord of the Rings with Andy on Sunday. Awesome movie. Can't wait for part three now. I sort of dissapointed in the way that both movies so far have just ended abruptly, but I guess that is realy the only way to do it since they are really just three parts of one larger story. Counting down until next December now. I wonder if Frodo will make it to Mordor?! LOL

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment....