my united states of whatever
I got Tivo this weekend. And no, thats not slang for pregnant. Tivo rocks, thats all I have to say. Now I can watch NYW without staying up until 3am or remembering to put a tape in the VCR. Never again will I miss an episode of Futurama because Tara doesn't like cartoons. No more will I fall asleep before the end of Law & Order and miss the who-dunnit part. Oh yeah, and I will always have a couple episodes of Seinfeld on hand to watch whenever I want. Does life get any better? Oh yeah, and we can finally watch one show and record another at the same time -- something which has always been impossible until now.

In other news, I hung up the Christmas lights yesterday. We are no longer the disgrace of the neighborhood. Some of the houses a couple blocks away have really gone all out. I have to think how much wattage is being pulled by some of those setups... I stuck to the plain and simple 3 strands of icicle lights. Exciting, huh?

And than some chick comes
up to me, and shes like, hey,
aren't you that dude,
and I'm like yeah WHATEVA!