stone free
Time to write something in this space because I've been ignoring it for a few days. Watched The Bourne Identity on DVD today -- it was pretty good, if a little long. Spent the rest of the day screwing around and not really doing much of anything. Tara went to San Francisco to visit a bridesmaids dress that was only in town for one day.

In case you're living on Mars, today was the Superbowl. I managed to avoid watching it (woohoo!), although I heard the Bulls won. Seriously though, thats just too bad for the Raiders... boohoo. I'm sure I'll probably read about rioting in tomorrows paper.

I've had a recurring headache for the last day or so and its getting kind of annoying. I need to go take a shot of Tequila to numb it a little...

'Cause I'm stone free...
do what I please.