survey says...
One of my good friends at work got WFR'd today. For those of you not in the know, that is HP's euphemism for laying someone off. WFR == Work Force Reduction. Not sure how or when that became a verb, but anyway... Actually our boss was kind enough to explain that this employee has been "transferred to the Work Force Reduction Program" -- like it's some cushy new assignment. Anyway, it sucks as this guy was a hard-worker and a friend, and in my opinion HP may a bad decision about which one of us to let go. Don't say I didn't warn them a month from now when they're pacnicking because we don't have anyone left that can support NT machines. As you probably know I usually don't care much for Windows, but the fact is that they are out there and someone has to support them.

Apparently this is the last round of layoffs for the time being. Not quite sure what that means. I have a job for now, who knows if I will still be able to say that next week or next month.