1242 miles later, we are home from LA. Now for someone like Andy twelve hundred miles is nothing, but its still a lot of driving in one weekend. BUT, when the goal is PEZ no amount of driving is too great. Returned from the convention with a few new pieces to add to the collection. With the new additions the collection has broken the 500 mark. Yikes. Anyway, had a good time hanging out and drinking beers with some people that I've known for years, and others that I've only just met. That's mostly what the convention is about anyway.

Orion was super-excited to see us (no surprise there). Our neighbour said he was very well behaved while we were gone. He was probably just sitting in a corner depressed. Poor guy. At least he didn't lick the fur off his leg this time.

Two weeks until Rhythm and Brews. Get your tickets if you haven't already....

You get a shiver in the dark
It's been raining in the park but meantime
South of the river you stop and you hold everything
A band is blowing Dixie double four time
You feel all right when you hear that music ring