Ok, so diaryland is finally moved over to their new server which means I can update in the middle of the day again. The last couple times I've had a brilliant idea/rant/joke/whatever I haven't been able to write it in here, which generally means I forget it about 30 seconds later. Ok, so all is right with the world again (well, maybe not, but all is right with diaryland at least -- except for the broken images as I write this, but they claim to be working on it).

Whew... now that's out of the way....

Rant mode on: Why the hell is the US a part of the UN if they're not going to follow the rules? I figure if you agree to be in the UN, and you agree to impose sanctions against those that don't follow the rules (ie Saddam), then you sure as hell better follow the rules yourself. In other words, if the UN doesnt agree that its OK to bomb Iraq, then you better sit on your hands until you convince them, or until Iraq starts invading someone. Hey, don't like it, then you get the UN to agree to new rules. If you're going to be a big kid you gotta play by the rules. Afterall, that's what we've been telling Saddam.

Oh yeah, and I thought Congress was the only one that could declare war? Or are we not officially "at war" yet?


*rant mode off*