grown up
So another weekend in the bag. Spent most fo it working in the yard. Saturday I bought and installed new lights for our front walkway since the old ones were pretty much destroyed by people kicking them over and breaking them (trick-or-treaters mostly). New ones are much more solidly contructed than the cheapo ones we had before, so hopefully they will take abuse a little better. Sunday was spent mowing the lawn and repairing yet another sprinkler that Orion had destroyed. Like any good project, that involved several trips to the hardware store because I kept forgetting to buy something and/or buying the wrong thing.

Back at work today, and I'm being sent to work in a different building with a group that is much busier. So, I may actually be busy at work for a while, at least until I whip these new guys into shape and turn them to the dark side of surfing the web all day. :-)

Being grown up,
Isn't half as fun as growing up...
These are the best days of our lives.